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What if God was woman?

What if you could see her?


Who is she ? An all seeing eye. why?

Mother ? What I? What if you could see her tearing up?

Watching you,whatching her? Whatching whom.    

looped , cried , blinked , smiled , faced the alter. What if it was just ones critical self?


 The all seeing eye of              conciousnes.

Video still  by Jaya Ogilvie 2003

This work explored notions of self and othernes.

The image here is a still from a video instalation from a Mutimedia show called Reach. This was projected to to the back wall of  beautiful old Stanley Crook Church in County Durham.  Self Currated and by commitioned by the Cannon of Durham Cathdral.  The video before my savy of youtube is long gone and back uos crashed in old imac , aint this the way with temporty art instations at times. 

I am still intersted in video and image capture, placement of art in unusal and special places. One day I hope to make a short about such issues of love and loss. Art can explore ideas of the human condion  that can awaken us.

For the time being I have returned to the traditional mediums of drawing and painting. They by nature a rejection of tecknology and embrase an immediecy and senuious connection to my materials.





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