Jaya Ogilvie BA MA  FINE ART 

       Visual Artist

Scotland -based Multi-Media

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Starting September 2020

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All data will not be sold and is convidencial under the data protection Acts

Abuseive behaviour will not be tolerated and equal opportities axcessable art for all.  


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My working Philosophy

Art is a vital expression of  Idea and Self: drawing and painting let me symbolically disect  snippits of time recorded and recoded . Art liberates our true selves.

My creative process is finding form through a poetry of place and an expression of time.










I tutor youngsters and adults alike,we are not that different!  We all seek freshness and feel an urge to try new things and get better. 

I always try to Remember: we are all free to Art the way we want. We can only be our selves.

I love the freedom drawing gives me  my enthusiasm for beauty and exciting marks is not demishing.

As a creative practitioner with 20 years experince Freelancling in the UK . I feel I have lots to offer.

I am truly in my element when painting and drawing in my Scottish garden studio, creating  semi abstact impressionistic and emotive narratives. Many piece's  I make have a little story to it.


When making a new piece I have a new kind of battle on my hands with fresh puzzles to solve.  I see myself as a translator in the language of Art.