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  Jaya Ogilvie BA MA  FINE ART 

       Visual Artist
South Scotland -based Multi-Media  Freelance Artist
I have been working in schools, and community groups,  delivering creative programs for creatives goals and spirtitual / mental uplifts most of my carea.
Community progects and public art commsisions help artists and to share ideas and sustain a healthy audeince and interaction with all walks of life, lets us leave a lasting mark, gental impresion, encourageing artistic discovery all the way.
My art work sells in galleries & privately and are spreading nicely around the uk and word.

Online art School ? Intested in some one to ones get intouch for personal projects and critical productive feedback tips and tit bits.

paypal payment
or contact for bacs payment
All payments to be paid in full prior to start of course.
Equal Opportunities
right on
Peace and Love
to all !

Email  to join my online art schoool communitty


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My working Philosophy

Art is a vital expression of  Idea and Self: drawing and painting lets me symbolically dissect  snippits of time recorded and recoded . Art liberates our true selves.

My creative process is finding form through a poetry of place and an expression of time.











I always try to Remember: we are all free to Art the way we want.

Where will you find me?


Painting and drawing in my Scottish garden studio, creating  semi abstact impressionistic and emotive narratives.

Check out my portfoilo 


thank you for looking and connecting.





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