Art for me is a vital expression of  Idea and Self:  snippits of time recorded and recoded symbolically.

The creative process is finding form through a poetry of place and an expression of time. I tutor youngsters and adults alike, we are not that different,  we all seek freshness and feel an urge to try new things. Remember: we are all free to Art the way we want. 

I love the freedom.

I have been practising  as a Freelance Artist and Tutor   since finishing Art School , gaining a Master's in Fine Art in 2003. Professionally  I specialise in developing children's creativity, teaching tradtional drawing skills for the Edinburgh Drawing School. I also lead a weekly community art group in Howgate near the Scottish Borders.

Being a social butterfly myself, l relish collaborative opportunities as well as working solo.


I am truly in my element when painting and drawing in my Scottish garden studio, creating  impressionistic and emotive narratives. Love and Loss are recurring themes in my work , and I seek to express communication between self and otherness.

  We can only be ourselves .

For me,  Art is a way to escape, or to seek refuge, (I have three children and dog ! ) When making a new piece I have a new kind of battle on my hands with fresh puzzles to solve.  I see myself as a translator in the language of Art.


Art liberates our true selves.