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  Jaya  FINE ART 

       Visual Artist
 I have been settled in South Scotland since 2016, I moved to Scotland and embrced the rich culture.
I am a Multi-Media  Freelance Artist. I love colour and line, my paintings have strong abstract quality that i like to play with, i use colour boldly and try to give my work a fluid and hipnotic nature to pull you in.
I am inspired to use symbolism and pattern found in nature and nattural form. at the same time I am inttrested in the vissual  post mdern language and culture of socity and how our worlds and lifes reflect our thoughts patterns and identity.
I lost my Farther in 2022 who was and remans a key fiugure who introduced me to bohiemina and my art form. I have inherited and am curating his lifes work of scupture, paitings and pastles.  He as a french man in the north east of england showed me to engage in authentisity and to be stand by your own idiosencracyies. I am dyslexic and trying out no filter . No spell check no vail- of peffection
just little old me and art.

art for sale
Size and prices comming soonxx

paypal payment
All payments to be paid in full
Equal Opportunities
right on
Peace and Love
to all !

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My working Philosophy

Art is a vital expression of  Idea and Self: drawing and painting lets me symbolically dissect  snippits of time recorded and recoded . Art liberates our true selves.

My creative process is finding form through a poetry of place and an expression of time.














Remember: we are all free to Art the way we want.

Where will you find me?


Painting and drawing in my Scottish garden studio, creating  semi abstact impressionistic and emotive narratives.

Check out my portfoilo 


thank you for looking and connecting.





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