working with others  

HAVING A THINK , GATHERING IDEAS exploring print with the kids

Jaya meeting with Richard Demarco who founded the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh(1963) to bring the Fringe to life all year round.

Get in touch if you need a skilled and personable Creative on board. I am fully insured and ready to go.

Jaya OgilviE


 Art full living

The key to good creativity is in it creative ambitions !

To hire or commission me as your Artist, Tutor or Creative Consutant just drop me a line through my contact page.


"Art should be accessible to all. Creativity has no age limits, it's not biased like that."


Tutoring, teaching and holding workshops

To support myown practice, I teach and deliver tailored art workshops and commissions to individuals or groups. Last year co-hosting with an RSPB specialist at The Edinburgh Science Festival; an Art and Science workshop 'Drawing on the beauty of birds'. Offering  freelance artistry services to schools in all Key Stages.

Winning residencies for co-operative youth group the Woodcraft Folk.

I have lectured Foundation stage students and freshers on Art and Design Degree courses.

Led art department in a Special-Needs school, using Art as one-to-one therapy.

It's good to share skills

I have enjoyed working in many diverse settings : as a Community Visual Artist  inner-city to rural, with young and old, extrovert to the introvert. Offering expert Art sessions, long-term and short projects in a variety of mediums. From mural work to banner making, video to textile to painting, printing, to drawing, still life to figure drawing, group or one on one.

Variety is the spice of life!

I aim to draw the inner sparks of creativity from within, I am professional and friendly brimming with ideas. Conversing easily as I do between groups achiving wonderful results in variety of media from paint drawing, print, photography and video. I am a muilty disapinary Artist, Once condidered my self a Postmodernist, but in an era of Post Postmodernism I feel more drawn to imprestionist contemporory as esthetic is as important as concept to me. Saying that finding form for idea is my job. Finding the meduim for this to thats why variety is the spice of life.


Creativity had no age limits, its not biased like that

It's richly rewarding to engage with creativity and to help people to develop their potential, whatever their level or stage. I believe we are all artists in one way or another, it's just a matter of tapping in and tuning in (or vice versa: tuning out..!)