Working creatively with others offers opportunity for Artful living the more art we make, the stronger we are undertanding and rerendring the world we live in.

Image description : Gathering  of ideas on paper, here the work exploring printmaking with the kids at the Edinburgh Drawing School. Our end of session wall of work is alway wonderfully fresh.   

Creativity had no age limits, its not biased like that!

It's richly rewarding I feel its just a matter of tapping in and tuning in (or vice versa: tuning out..!)

Below image credit: My pre covid art groups older and younger.

Jaya OgilviE

Ba Ma Fine Art

 Artful living

The thing is a bout being an artist you make a thing and then you make more to just try to keep on making a better one. Its satifying and complustive, in a good way. 

believe strongly Art should be accessible to all. Creativity has no age limits, it's not biased like that.


Tutoring, teaching and holding workshops

To support my own practice, and to prevent the lonely solitary artist feeling that can occour, I feed my humours more sociable side geting involved in teaching, or as I see it skill  share and deliver tailored art workshops and commissions to individuals or groups.

And with the growing populartity of my online art Classes since the Pandemic started I can see that virtual classes can offer great solice and connection to all involved.



I think creativity is truly cross curicular - art and sicence need to keep forging strong bonds. I enjoyed working with  The Edinburgh Science Festival; hosting Art and Science workshop 'Drawing on the beauty of birds'. hosting a drawing event while acompanyed by a  lecuturer on willd bird life and habitat. from the RSPB.


Pre covid I enjoyed being invited as visiting artits to hold school workshops class sessions and teacher training, making skill shaing key and accessible. There is shear joy in enhansing environments with good design and art work, it  helps the learning brain and stimulates mood enhancement. It wonderful to see my students grow in confidence and devlop their unique styles.

I have lectured Foundation stage students on Art and Design Degree courses and love see ideas come tolife and problem solve.

Afer a spell as head of art department in a Special-Needs school, using art as one-to-one therapy in paint and talk strategies to eliviate trauma I have been supper interested in childrens creativity. And looking byond for meaning and symbols that help us tell a story and express idea.

When I am not teaching I am either on with a painting, drawing  or playing nurseor mamas taxi to my three beautiful children. We have our wee spot on the isel of Mull and we love to visit there as a family , it offers much inspiration.

Offering expert Art sessions, long-term and short projects in a variety of mediums  and hats on is keeping me allways on the hop. From mural work to minitures, what ever life thows at me I aprciate the  macro micro universally chaotic ways of the world and try to creatily find ways of making it better.

Variety is the spice of life!

I aim to draw the inner sparks of creativity from within finding form for idea is my job. Finding the meduim for best expresion constantly surpises me-  why variety is the spice of life!

<Image credit: Mull.  oil on canvas Jaya Ogilvie . Always inspired by the light.


Ready to get lit ?